William Shatner Responds to Flat Earthers Utilizing His Picture to Promote Their Silly Concepts

William Shatner, standing on a spherical planet throwing a spherical ball.
Photograph: AP

One-time Star Trek star William Shatner desires you to know that he does not assist Flat Earth pondering.

The “British Flat Earth Affiliation” right this moment tweeted a picture depicting Shatner’s face together with the quote “I used to be fooled by science, the Earth is flat” and the date April 15, 2017. That got here with the textual content “Nice to have the assist from one other main determine in society. The extra we get voicing their views, the extra credible our argument is for the broader public.”

Shatner responded: the quote is a “lie,” and that he doesn’t assist the Flat Earthers.

The British Flat Earth Society Twitter account represents a bunch that promotes precisely what you suppose, as their web site says: “The sector of Flat Earth is because the identify suggests. We stay on a Flath Earth as apposed[sic] to the extra frequent ‘Globe’ mannequin.”

Planet Earth is a rotating, lumpy spheroid, roughly four,000 miles in radius. Your iPhone depends upon globe-orbiting GPS satellites to perform. The tides, the climate, sunsets and sunrises, eclipses: all of that stuff happens as a result of the Earth is spherical. There are locations the place you may even see the Earth’s curvature.

Some self-styled Flat Earthers, nonetheless, select to not imagine this extremely apparent truth, and as an alternative twist math and science to “debunk” one thing people have identified for 1000’s of years. Their proof is inconsistent, based mostly primarily on misunderstandings, and usually no quantity of demonstration or reasoning will change their minds. Their proposed mannequin of a flat Earth is incompatible with the simplest processes you expertise daily. You already know, like, gravity and having an environment.

I’d wish to suppose that the majority of those fools are simply trolls. However after a number of prolonged conversations (and the handfuls of abusive emails I’ve gotten this yr), I can let you know that some people actually do imagine the Earth is flat. They’ve been reported on more and more by the media, and people like rapper B.o.B. have joined their ranks. As one Flat Earther instructed me, most flat Earthers are both fundamentalist Christians who imagine that the Earth is precisely as described within the bible, or those that merely gained’t belief something authorities company, like NASA, says.

For what it’s value, William Shatner isn’t a shining instance of constructive human habits. He’s tweeted some shocking alt-right language by calling different customers “social justice warriors” and “snowflakes.” However because the portrayer of the one-time captain of the USS Enterprise, I’d wish to suppose he is aware of at the very least one thing about area.

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